Tips to Determine and Treat Serviceberry Diseases

Some serviceberry diseases are recognized because these shrubs are resistant to infection and garden pests. Although, serviceberry shrubs could acquire seasonal vulnerability to other diseases because of intense seasonal growth and compact foliage. You must know how to determine and treat a particular serviceberry disease. Here are some tips you should bear in mind if you want to treat your trees that are having serviceberry diseases. If you are unsure about what measures to take in treating your trees, it would be much recommended that you look for a reliable and trusted tree care company that can provide quality service when it comes to tree maintenance Kamloops:


In the winter season, fire blight can cause blight development on the inner and smaller branches. In springtime, the cankers begin to rupture and the infection rapidly spreads. Harsh pruning, excessive irrigation, and humid water conditions can result in a rapid spreading of blight. The blighted bark makes a moist look that appears like the surface of your bark is oozing with water.


Fire blight is recognized to reach within the plant with the use of bruised plant tissue. You have to prune lightly for you to prevent bruising your shrub. Moreover, decaying organic matter can cause the development of blight. Bear in mind that you must eliminate weathered foliage from your lawn bed. When the spring season comes, you have to restrict your pruning to the bare minimum. Dip your pruning shears always in a commercial fungicide. The entire branches that are infected must be burned and pruned. You must refrain from utilizing fertilizers that have heavy nitrogen concentration, especially during the spring and summertime.

Serviceberry fungal infection

The witches’ broom is one of the most typical fungal infection of serviceberry that usually causes unwanted branch splitting. The stems grow a clustered look with several splits ends all over younger stems. You can easily identify serviceberry fungal infection by seeing the clustered stem.


You can effectively treat this kind of infection by spraying your tree with all-purpose fungal sprays regularly. You must minimize the density of the foliage through pruning it lightly. Also, you can utilize isopropyl alcohol if you want to disinfect the shears you have utilize to prune the affected shrubs.

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